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RevoLine S
Customised solutions for interior shading


There is scarcely another element that affects interior design to the same extent as blinds and screens. Depending on the material, style and colour, the natural incident light allows a room to appear dominant or to seem subdued. In order to control this effect automatically, the trend is moving towards motorisation. In this respect the drive has to fulfill three criteria: a short clearance,so that the blinds can be positioned very close to one another, a high motor speed, and, above all, the quietest running noise possible. With its diameter of 35 mm and speeds of up to 70 rpm the new RevoLine S is the smallest and fastest drive for interior shading. A special mode allows for the precise setting of the end and intermediate positions via a hand-held transmitter – even with several drives. In addition, the drives produce very little vibration and are thus extremely quiet.Thanks to the proven “Soft” brake there is no disturbing clicking sound when the blind reaches its end position. Thus, the drives are ideally suited to interior shading.